When I first decided to participate in Leslie Saeta’s 30 Painting in 30 Days Challenge I
wasn’t sure if this was for me. I wasn’t sure how I would react to the pressure of creating
every day, taking a picture every day (considering the murky Dutch weather), posting
every day…

After my first aquarelle on January 1st I knew that the plan I had (drawing insects and flowers
from graveyard Huis te Vraag wasn’t going to work. Already I felt a huge resistance to

Next day I made a flower portrait. In my ‘drawing a day’ sketchbook I had been drawing
a few flower portraits and decided to continue with those and there wasn’t a day I got bored
with it.

Some days I feared not being able to do another one but every morning I would find a fitting face
and flower. And in a months’ time I feel like I did grow in the way I told my story.

Lessons learned: I like working on projects like this. I like working on not too many things at the
same time. I can (sort of) handle aquarelle paint. I can handle the pressure of having to
finish a painting every day for a longer period. I enjoy creating and I can do this every day.

Creating makes me happy and no matter what people from the past or present have told me,
I am an artist!